Tapes of solar plants
The three main types of PV installations
A high power plant connected to the Spanish grid
These PV installations sell all the energy produced to the grid according to a contract with the Utility at spot price "POOL". This contract and the laws of Spain back Investors a permanent market. The spot price of electricity in Spain is growing at an average of 3% per year (the table below shows the dynamics of average annual prices) and on the other hand the cost of equipment decreases every year. . The profitability of these investment projects before taxes is: 10-15%.
For more information on these projects, see the sections: Construction of PV stations
Facilities for the company's own consumption.
These PV installations are mainly installed on the roof of the factory itself, and the electricity generated by the PV facilities is consumed for the needs of the factory itself. For instance: current factory electricity costs up to € 0.16 / kWh excluding VAT. For instance, an energy consumption of 1000 kW during one hour, the factory saves 160 euros plus 21% VAT.

Based on it, NT-SOLARGROUP offers Investors projects to invest in the construction of these PV facilities and the sale of additional electricity to the utility at a fixed rate, which is 15 to 30% lower than the spot price. . This can dramaticly reduce the cost of the company in electricity, but offers a return for the investor up to 17% per year. The turnaround approval time of the project documentation in this case is much shorter, since a package of approvals such as that of "POOL" projects is not required. The connection point is usually in the main electrical board of the building, which eliminates huge costs.

PV installations for own consumption of private homes
All homeowners bear the monthly electricity costs, which are constantly growing. The cost of one kWh per year grows in Spain to 15%! For example, a 10 kW solar electric installation on a roof saves up to 4,000 euros a year with installation costs of 9.000-12.000 euros. The presence of batteries will allow you to make the house completely independent and save energy costs.
The company also offers several projects at different stages of accomplishment for their construction or ready projects . Information can be found in the link Offers for investors
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