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The company also offers several projects at different stages of accomplishment for their construction or ready projects . Information can be found in the link Offers for investors
The advantages of building a new solar PV-station with a market rate of energy sales
  • Income without little interventionHigh Quality
    The station will consistently generate income without little intervention. Energy sales from renewable sources are guaranteed by the laws of Spain.
  • High level of station profitability
    High level of station profitability with over 10% IRR. The price of electricity has risen sharply in recent years and tends to rise. In 2019, the average price was 47.68 EUR/MWh and In 2022 it has risen to 167.52 EUR/MWh.

    The cost of development and construction will average 0.9 euro / W + VAT (which means that 1 mW costs approximately 900.000 euros, plus VAT). The estimated income depends on the type of station. 120 000-150 000 €/ year + VAT, which will increase annually due to the increase in the electricity market price
  • Minimum overhead
    Minimum overhead and maintenance costs.
  • New equipment
    At the new station, you can use new, more efficient equipment. And there is no limit on the increase in the stations efficiency, and, accordingly, income growth, whereas in granted tariff ones there is a limitation in time.
  • High Profitability
    New high-performance panels will provide a long life to the station, with high profitability. (Over 30 years).
  • Fast growing market
    The Spanish market has become one of the most promising PV markets in Europe for the period of 2015–2020, due to the achievement of network parity.
  • Protection of the environment
    You will participate in the formation of environmentally friendly energy sources and will contribute in the protection of the environment.
  • Revenue grow
    Revenue will grow annually, as the wholesale prices (POOL) grow annually and you do not depend on government decisions, while at garnted tariff stations the price does not increase, and may also be reviewed every 6 years, possibly downwards. And the period of granted tariff is limited.
Dynamics of growth of the market value of electrical energy in Spain
Below are statistics on the growth of electricity prices based on OMIE statistical data (
NT-Solargroup performs the full range of development work until the station construction license is accomplished (RTB Stage), as well as follows up the construction work as part of Customer service and prepares documentation for commissioning and signing contracts for the sale of electricity and maintenance of the station.
Structure of the investment process
The investor receives
  1. Full technical and economic information about the project.
  2. Consultations on the electricity market in Spain.
  3. Full package of permits for the project and license for construction.
  4. "TURNKEY" Construction contract with a clear schedule of construction and commissioning. Financing schedule.
  5. Legalization of the object.
  6. Follow-up of all the test measurements and test runs necessary for the operation of the power plant.
  7. Contract for maintenance and monitoring of the station.
  8. Land lease contract for at least 30-40 years.
  9. Advice on choosing an insurance company.
  10. Agreement with the utility company for the sale of electricity at the market price.
  11. Consultation in bank financing for the project.
  12. Remote control system for the energy sold.
  13. Remote control to monitor stations via Internet.
  14. Further administration of the station, if required.
The company also offers several projects at different stages of accomplishment for their construction or ready projects.
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