Solar radiation levels in Spain

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The main activity of the company NT-SOLARGROUP is: Providing development services, design and permits required for solar installation constructions, as well as construction, commissioning and maintenance of solar power plants.

Our work entails all that has to do with a PV Plant, usually a high power one (1 MW), connected to the Spanish grid and which operates according to an energy sales contract with the Utility at spot price (market price or "POOL") . The spot price of electricity in Spain is constantly growing at an average of 3% per year.

The pre-tax profitability investment of PV projects exceeds 10-15%.
For further information about these projects, click on: Investors and Construction of a photovoltaic plant

The company also offers several projects at different stages of accomplishment for their construction. It allows you to drastically reduce the time of project implementation. Information can be found in the link: Offers for investors


2 MW Caudete. Castilla La Mancha. 2023

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