Investment in solar energy

The advantages of building a new solar PV-station with a market rate of energy sales.

1 - The station will consistently generate income without your intervention. Energy sales from renewable sources are guaranteed by the laws of Spain.

2 - High level of station profitability with an IRR of more than 10%. The cost of development and construction will average 0.8 euro / W + VAT (which means that 1 mW costs approximately 800,000 euros, plus VAT). The estimated income depends on the type of station. 85 000-100 000 euro / year + VAT, which will increase annually due to the increase in the market price of electricity.

3 - At the new station, you can use new, more efficient equipment. And there is no limit on the increase in the stations efficiency, and, accordingly, income growth, while in subsidized ones there is a production limit that falls under subsidies.

4 - Minimum overhead and maintenance costs.

5 - New high-performance panels will provide a long life to the station, with high profitability. (Over 30 years).

6 - The Spanish market has become one of the most promising PV markets in Europe for the period of 2015–2020, due to the achievement of network parity.

7 - You will participate in the formation of environmentally friendly energy sources and will contribute in the protection of the environment.

8 - Revenue will grow annually, as the procurement market (POOL) tariff grow annually by an average of 3.0% (STATISTICS OF THE GROWTH OF THE ELECTRICITY MARKET PRICE From 1998 to 2018) and you do not depend on government decisions, while at subsidized stations the costs do not increase, and may also be reviewed every 6 years, possibly downwards. And the period of subsidies is limited. The average market tariff for 2018 was 57.29 € / MWh.

Below are statistics on the growth of electricity prices based on OMIE statistical data (,



NT-Solargroup performs the full range of development work until a license for the construction of the station is obtained (RTB Construction Readiness Stage), as well as monitoring the construction work as part of Customer service and preparing documentation for commissioning and signing contracts for the sale of electricity and maintenance of the station.


The investor receives:

1 - Full technical and economic information about the project.

2 - Consultations on the electricity market in Spain.

3 - The project and a full package of permits, a license for construction.

4 - Construction contract "TURNKEY" with a clear schedule of construction and commissioning. Financing schedule.

5 - Legalization of the object.

6 - Conduct of all test measurements and test runs necessary for the operation of the power plant.

7 - Contract for the maintenance and monitoring of the station.

8 - Land lease contract for at least 30 years.

9 - Advice on choosing an insurance company.

10 - Agreement with the distributor company for the sale of electricity at the market price.

11- Consultation in financing the project by the bank.

12 - The system of remote accounting of the energy sold.

13 - The system of remote monitoring stations via the Internet.

14 - Further administration of the station, if required.

Laws governing the construction and operation of PV stations:

- Law 24/2013, of December 26, of the electricity sector on balancing the power supply system and the criteria for priority access and delivery of electricity from renewable sources.

- R.D. 413/2014, of 6 June, which regulates the activities of producing electricity from renewable energy sources, as well as the profitability of factories and is connected to existing S.R.

- The Order of MTV / 1045/2014, of June 16, sets the parameters for the standard compensation of certain production capacities of electricity from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and utilization of facilities are approved.

- Changes IET / 1459/2014, dated August 1, for new wind and photovoltaic systems in

island electrical systems     

- Royal Decree 1074/2015, of November 27th , by which different provisions are amended in the electricity industry

- Order IET / 2444/2014, of December 19, by which the electric power access tolls for 2015 are determined

- Royal Decree 2818/1998, on the production of electrical energy by installations supplied by waste, cogeneration and renewable energy sources sources.

- Royal Decree 1955/2000, of December 1, regulating the activities of transportation, distribution, marketing, supply and authorization procedures for electric power installations.

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