Purchase an operational Solar Power Plant

NT-Solargroup is the official sales representative of a range of solar power plants from 10 kW to 10mW in output. These are operational power plants, built in the years 2008-2011, the annual investment return of one of this units would be 11-15%. Ownership of a 100kW power plant, for example, will provide you with a steady yearly income of over 30 000 EUR.  Your income is guaranteed by the Spanish government green energy policy, which insures that the energy your PV plant produces will be bought at a fixed rate. (supporting laws)

Click here for financial details of operational solar power plants on sale, taking into account all the expenses, financing and maintenance included.


Every solar power plant package includes:

1. A fully equipped and functional photovoltaic power generating plant:

- Photovoltaic panels guaranteed to a service life of over 10 years and an efficiency loss of no more then 20% during 25 years.

- Mount frames for the solar panels

- Invertors

- Control and monitor equipment

- Fencing for the ground level plants. Usually plants have a security system including alarm and CCTV installed.

2. A 25 to 30 year contract with an electric distributor company obliging the later to purchase the plant generated energy at a fixed subsidized rate guaranteed by the Spanish authorities (real distributor payment invoices available for review)

3. Land or rooftop rental agreement or land ownership deed

4. Electrical supply generation and sale license.

5. Insurance and maintenance contracts. After completion of a sale of a solar power plant you are free to choose your own insurance and maintenance companies

Solar power plant insurance includes the following damages:

- Third party inflicted (vandalism, theft)
- Weather inflicted (hail, storms)
- Voltage regulation failure

The insurance coverage can be amplified to include your particular needs. This way your investment is guaranteed by the Spanish renewable energy laws and a rock solid insurance policy.  We will pick a plant that will meet your investment needs in terms of size and contract. NT-Solargroup is aided by a competent lawyer team that will cover your needs every step of the way, including financing. If you so desire NT-Solargroup can monitor and control your PV plant for you, providing you with worry free monthly or quarterly reports. Your income will be guaranteed, calculated and monitored while you can be anywhere in the world doing whatever it is you want to do.

Income from an operational solar power plant will be arriving in a month time without the need to apply for permits and long bureaucratic procedures.

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