Home solar power systems

Home solar power systems come mainly in two types :

1. Grid connected systems, mainly rooftop mounted which have an output in line with an average household demand. Main elements of which are an array of solar panels and an invertor to convert DC into AC 220v/380v. This type is connected to the main electrical grid this way if the output of the solar array is not enough for the current demand power is added from the grid.

2. Off the grid systems. These come with energy storage batteries and if so required with backup generators, this is a good option for homes in remote areas where the extra wiring costs for a grid connection are unfeasible. Price for such installations would be around 4-5 EUR per watt production capability.

In Spain grid 99% households are grid connected, despite electricity being the most expensive supply for most homes.

NT-Solargroup is mostly focused on grid connected systems, our engineers will take into account your electric bills and appliances making sure your power needs are covered. A solar power system with an output of 10kW will save you over 4000EUR a year. Being connected to the grid you know you will be safe from power shortages in adverse conditions.

In the near future the Spanish lawmakers will pass through a law called "Balance Neto" which will oblige the grid companies to buy the unused power generated by your rooftop based solar power system, this will provide you with an additional income.

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