Solar power for your business

Every production line, club, restaurant or any other business owner is all too familiar with the electric supply costs which are ever growing on a monthly basis. Energy rates in 2013 rose 26%. You are paying over 0.15 EUR per kWh. By installing a solar power system on your empty rooftop with an output covering your average day needs you will save a substantial amount. A 10 kW solar system, for example, will save you 4 000 EUR a year with an investment of 16 000 – 18 000 EUR, in 4 – 5 years the system will pay for itself.

In the near future the Spanish lawmakers will pass through a law called "Balance Neto" which will oblige the grid companies to buy the unused power generated by your rooftop based solar power system, this will provide you with an additional income.

Questions and requests

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