About Us

NT-SOLARGROUP operates in two main areas:

1. Design, construction, installation and servicing of solar power panels on your home or business.

2. Sale of operational solar power plants in Spain with an annual income of 11-15%

In the first area NT-SOLARGROUP offers you the possibility to use sunlight to your advantage in a comfortable and

productive way, minimizing your electrical and other energy types costs. We specialize in the design, construction, installation and servicing of photovoltaic systems, as well as superior energy efficient solutions for your home or business by combining solar panels with energy efficient LED lighting and heating equipment.

The source of solar generated electric current is known as the photovoltaic effect where sunlight incident upon a solar panel excites electrons which drived through, roughly, various semi conductive materials generate electric

current. Today, thanks to decades of development, the efficiency of solar panels is 16-22% and cost dropped 300% these last 3 years. The amount of sunny days in Spain sum up to 335 per year in some areas.  The benefits of solar energy investment are obvious.

Every home or business owner is all too familiar with the electric supply costs which are ever growing. The price of a kW per hour energy unit in Spain reached the price of 18-21,5 eurocents!  From 2006 to 2011 household electrical supply price in Spain grew 69,9% in line with inflation for the same period 12.3 %,  compared to the average 19,9 % in the EU.

We are able to provide you with a ready to use photovoltaic power solution for your home or business today. A roof installed 10kW solar panel array will save you up to 4 000 EUR a year with an initial investment of 16 000 – 18 000 EUR.

Build your own solar power plant

In the second area NT-SOLARGROUP is offering fully operational solar power plants built from 2008 and on. NT-SOLARGROUP is the official sales representative of PV power plants ranging 20kW  to 10mW.  These stations have contracts with grid companies which are obliged to purchase the energy produced at a rate guaranteed by the Spanish authorities. Annual investment return exceeds 15%.

This is government guaranteed highly profitable business ready to go.

Benefits of solar energy investment

Purchase of operational solar power plants